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Below is a graphic of our sign on the border of our church property where it meets Wheeler Boulevard. We will be updating this more soon, but we've also included a brief explanation of the message of our sign.

Pastor Phil Seely
Church sign flyer6.jpg


​Let me introduce you to our church and its vision for Moncton.

My name is Pastor Phil Seely, and I'm excited that you stopped by. At Charity Bible Baptist Church we are more than just a group of friends, we're more like extended family. We are a small group right now, but those who have been around a while will tell you that you can find a real connection here with people who care about you as a person.


We enjoy singing, fellowship and worshipping the God of the Bible; and I work hard to develop sermons and studies that will help people with their real life.


If you have ever been curious about how knowing God can bring peace and joy to your life, I invite you to come visit and let us help you. God loves you so much that He sent His Son, Jesus Christ, to give you victory over the sins and shortcomings that haunt us all.


If you've never been to our church, please come and see us!

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