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Christian Ministry

Our church is member-supported; all services are free of charge


​Lessons & Coaching

Charity Bible Baptist Church provides public and private instruction, based on God's word - the Bible.


We offer meaningful life coaching that will help to resolve conflicts in families, marriages and other relationships. We also provide a Christian context for business, employment, financal management and community involvement. Spiritual instruction (how to know God) is of course at the core of our ministry.


Children and young people should all have the opportunity to learn about God, and  then decide for themselves what they believe. We have young people who have grown up in our church and are now able to provide mentorship for younger children and their peers. All of our youth activities are supervised by multiple adults to help ensure the safety and propriety of the activity. If you have any questions, bring your family and come visit us; or you can reach us at our Contact Us.

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